Admissions Rules

Admission Procedure

The Registration process starts with effect from 1st January every year. Students are admitted to LKG only. However in case of transfer of a parent / guardian, a student can be admitted to classes other than LKG as a special case. Students seeking admission are required to fill up a form attached with this prospectus. Applications received on or before 25th March every year are considered for admission subject to vacancy. Ordinarily no admissions are accepted to classes other than LKG.


The academic session begins in the month of April of each year and ends in March of the following year. Every endeavour is made by the school to help children to improve their performance and a reasonable progress is possible only with the child's co-operation and parent's encouragement. Should a student consistently performs poorly, his/her result the will be declared as EIOP.

  1. The final assessment of the student for promotion shall be decided on the basis of the annual record of the student for a maximum of 100 marks in each subject distributed as under:

    (1st April to 30th September) (1st 31 st March) Written + Oral - 50% Written + Oral - 50% (1st April to 30th September) (1st 31 st March) Formative Assessment 1-10% April-May Formative Assessment 3-10% Oct- Formative Assessment 2-10% July-Aug. Formative Assessment 4-10% Jan-Feb. Summative Assessment I-30% September Summative Assessment II-30% March Annual Exams (in March) Theory + Practicals - 100 Marks

  2. If a student fails to appear in any exam due to his/her illness (for which a medical certificate is to be submitted), or any unforeseen emergency, he/she may be allowed proportionate credit for such an examination for the purpose of final assessment for promotion to the next class. For example a student who has not appeared in a particular examination on medical ground with certificate, the total marks obtained by him/her on the basis of his/her annual record may be worked out for the maximum of remaining marks for the exams actually taken. Class LKG & UKG Term I Term II Class I to X Term I Term II Class XI & XII Summative Assessment I-30% September Summative Assessment II-30% March
  3. No student will be allowed for re-examination if he/she misses any exam.
  4. The answer script of the Annual examination will be shown to the Student /Parents after depositing the prescribed fee.
  5. Children representing school in an activity during the examination time will be given proportionate weightage in the evaluation.
  6. . The decision of the examination committee will be final & binding in case of any dispute.
Withdrawal Rules
  1. One month's notice or one month's fee in lieu thereof is necessary in case of parent wants to withdraw his/her ward from the school.
  2. The School reserves the right to ask the parents to withdraw their child & they will be bound to do so in the following situations:
    • When a child fails to show satisfactory progress and is unable to benefit from the educational programmes of the school.
    • When a child fails to deposit the school dues regularly.
    • When a child's behavior in the opinion of the Principal, is harmful to the interests of the school.